Thursday, January 7, 2010

Emm I did help eat 2 turkeys over Christmas.....

....So I guess my very first post may as well be let go altogether, I suppose I was getting notions of vegeterianism, some day maybe. But until then I shall talk no more about it and tell you about why I began this blog in the first place.

Well it is in response to the lovely Natalie Colemans' blog 'Jammy Dodger'. I shall from here on in refer to Miss Natalie as Jammy Dodger, and why not - it being the prettiest biscuit of all, and if biscuits could talk, Jammie Dodger (correct spelling, but we will go with Natalies spelling) would be among the funniest ones around.

So Jammy Dodger didn't like my jug of red cabbage mustard, a receipe I learned from the lovely Emma Houlihan - well I was rather upset at Jammy Dodgers comments and I suppose this resulted in my rant about the poor chickens. Let me explain, I have known Jammy Dodger now for ten years and had the pleasure of living with her last year, and I was treated to her wonderful roasts, and it didn't have to be a Sunday at all for a Jammy Dodger Roast. The funny thing about these delicious roast is that they were ALWAYS chicken, and also chickens from a farm in Monaghan. These chickens were according to Jammy Dodger, 'the best chickens in Ireland'.

There is also a very amusing story, told to me by Jammy Dodger herself, about a roast chicken dinner that she was preparing for a dinner party a while before I knew her. She woke up very late on the afternoon, of the dinner party, hungover and had forgotten to take the Monaghan chicken from the freezer. She took it by one of its legs and headed up her road looking for a neighbor who owned a microwave with a defrost setting. You know what I don't think Jammy Dodger will ever invite me for roast Monaghan chicken again if I tell the rest of the story.

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