Thursday, February 25, 2010

the race is back on

I have just returned to the blogsphere after a months absence, and was gutted that jammy dodger has been rather active, emmmm. I had better get my racehorse legs back in gear. It has been a rather crazy month, so I do have a lot to be on about. Between loosing my apetite with all the excitement and the stress, tightening the belt, literally - I used my pencil pointing surgeons scalpel to gorge an extra hole in my belt - to just getting it back, my apeTITE that is. Id say the size 26 jeans that fitted last week may be too TITE by next week.

Well for now a wonderful lebanese film is on, 'Caramel', and I am signing off to watch it, I am having difficulty typing and reading the subtitles.

I'd love a caramel bar now.


  1. Glad of your return ... any chance of posting details of your avocado rice dream??

  2. We want MORE. U have disappeared again... Just on the food front thanx 4 the apple wit cloves tip shiney... Just made a huge pot of soup and it smells divine. Dziekuje as we say in my native tongue... X

  3. tayto sandwich ?


    pretty please?

  4. Well sherm agus ni hullichain, I did not realise ye were so hungry for my ramdom ramblings. Well I will try to do better, if only just for you both.