Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jelly Fish & Beetle Juice

So what I have been meaning to say is, the day after watching Caramel, which I think I may have given 8/10, I headed to Cork to hang out with my foxy sister Ann Marie, on the occasion of my birthday. Table booked in the Ivory Tower. I was very excited indeed and thought, what a great entry I will have tomorrow in my food blog, and must remember to take photos.

Well first course was a surprise dish, ‘Jelly Fish and cucumber salad’. As with many children, I was bitten by jellyfish many times, and it was very nice to be the one biting IT this time.

It was surprisingly un-jellylike. We were so hungry and excited about the next 4 courses that I forgot to take a photo of it. Mind you, I did take a photo of the next course, all be it rather out of focus.

When I return ‘Beetle- Juice’, to the Ivory Tower, his Boss might give me the jellyfish recipe. Though the chances are slim, seeing as ‘Beetle Juice’ has been on vacation around Ireland for the last 5 months, and is off to The French Alps next week, after I bring him back from Roscommon, which is where he ended up, after he was left on his own at the campfire at Flatlakes Festival. Which I felt very guilty about indeed, seeing as we took him away from one hot restaurant, as he seemed so burnt out. Although we did hear about some guy feeding everyone at the campfire with a basin full of amazing chocolate brownie, which I am sure Beetle Juice was very happy about indeed, having been locked up in a restaurant with the best of culinary delights, for so long, surely he missed the odd extravagant dessert.

Beetle Juice had been used as an ashtray for the past 20 years according to Seamus. Our hearts went out to him, we had to sneak him into the bag when the Boss turned his back to open another bottle of wine. He has had his wings lifted with human hands (most likely yellow fingered), countless times, so that they can butt their fags, inside his body. Poor thing. Beetle-Juice’s elytra (that is the front pair of wings which protects the soft body underneath), are looking much better these days.

I am not sure about the culinary skills over in Roscommon where he is being looked after at the moment. Well, if they are not up to scratch, we will make it up to him with some French Cuisine in the mountains next week.

Here are the photos we DID remember to take, Partridge starter, and a selection of Sashimi. Now I’m going to bed hungry thinking of that, damn.

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